Emmanuelle “Cleopatra” Lê Phan Throws It Down

B-girl Cleopatra throwdowns 2014


The first of our bgirl video features for the March/April 2015 issue is from cover girl Emmanuelle “Cleopatra” Lê Phan. This video is a roundup of her throwdowns last year.

From Lê Phan in Mary Fogarty’s article, “Breaking Bad: The New Bgirls”: “Right now, as a bgirl in [my] thirties, the challenges are maintaining and physical challenges. My mind wants to go really, really fast but my body is lagging with injuries, energy, pacing myself. [I am] being careful that I won’t get injured since I am a professional dancer and can’t take the risk. But I love breaking, I need it as therapy.” Lê Phan has performed with Cirque du Soleil, RUBBERBANDance Group and her own company, Tentacle Tribe

More battle videos from Lê Phan, here

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