Emily Molnar: In Conversation with The Dance Current (Part Four of Four)

By Julye Huggins
Emily Molnar on Dance for Everyone

The Dance Current Special Interview Series: Part Four of FourThe May/June 2012 issue of The Dance Current print magazine includes an interview with Emily Molnar, artistic director of Ballet BC.Molnar on inclusiveness of dance: “There are many people in this world that dance. They may not be paid to dance, but they love it. And those are the same people that are going to appreciate what we’re trying to do, when we want to create dance on stage. We want people to be touched by dance, no matter what it takes. And so it’s not about judging or categorizing. It’s about making it inclusive and bringing people together.” By Evann Siebens, The Dance Current: Print, May/June 2012. Stay tuned on for more clips from this four-part interview series, and be sure to read the entire In Conversation article in the recent print edition of The Dance Current.
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