EESTI: Myths and Machines

By Mikaela Demers
EESTI! "It was absolutely nothing like this"

Peter Trosztmer of The Choreographers, a contemporary based dance collective, is presenting his work EESTI: Myths and Machines from November 15th to 18th in Montréal. Described on the Tangente website, Trosztmer claims “This is the story of how my family came to Canada … This is absolutely nothing like how my family came to Canada.” Delving into memories of his family’s history, Trosztmer plays with the idea of what it means to be a man in an ever changing world, and discovers how his past speaks to who he is. On his personal website, Trosztmer addresses his interest in the integration of physical and auditory additions in to a variety of environments in both present and past works. To dive further into this content, there will be an audience discussion after the showing of EESTI: Myths and Machines on the 16th, providing an opportunity to gain more insight into Trosztmer and his work.
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