Dusk Dances 2014

Inner City Sirens II


Dusk Dances, the free outdoor festival that brings contemporary dance to public parks, is celebrating its twentieth season with six varied and illuminating events in southern Ontario and Vancouver. Founded in 1993 by Festival Director Sylvie Bouchard, Dusk Dances is a series of early evening pieces featuring Canadian dancers and choreographers who take inspiration from their surroundings to create beautiful, site-specific performances that are enjoyed by the everyday park-goer. Featured in this video is fan favourite Inner City Sirens Part II choreographed by Julia Aplin, which first premiered at Dusk Dances in 1998. Aplin’s piece, returning to Dusk Dances as part of their twentieth anniversary celebration, will be performed in each of the six events, including the festival’s opening city, Vancouver, July 4-6.

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