Dreamwalker Dance Company: The Whole Shebang

By Mikaela Demers
Excerpt from Dreamwalker Dance Company's: 'The Whole Shebang' 2011

The Whole Shebang one : two : one and Other Inquiries into Identity is Dreamwalker Dance Company’s new show launching in Toronto from November 23rd to 25th. This video features dancers Danielle Denichaud and Brendan Wyatt in The Whole Shebang in 2011 performed in Toronto. The 2012 works include performers Kate Alton, Kate Franklin, Kate Holden, Johanna Bergfeldt, Pulga Muchochoma, Alex & Ben Kamino, Susannah & Katie Mackay, Andrea Nann, Elysha Poirier, The Puppetmongers, Lucy Rupert, Brendan Wyatt, Kathrin Ollroge, Markus Stahl, Neema Bickersteth, Xin Wang, Helen Yung and more.The Dreamwalker Dance Company production divides the performance space in the distillery into nine squares, the simple geometric pattern is reflected on the back wall as well as the floor. Originally based on the American panel game show Hollywood Squares, the created grid provides a space of illusion and investigation highlighted in the 2011 video. In association with Volcano Theatre, Artistic Director Andrea Nann delves into the concept of identity in The Whole Shebang through a variety of art forms.Be sure to check out the Summer 2006 and Summer 2005 issues of The Dance Current print magazine for items featuring Andrea Nann.
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