The Dietrich Group: Paris 1994/Gallery

By Julye Huggins
Paris1994/Gallery: Chapters in a couples relationship

On now in Toronto at Harbourfront Centre, The Dietrich Group presents Paris 1994/Gallery, April 25th through 28th. Choreographed by D.A. Hoskins, this triple Dora Award-nominated show features dance by Danielle Baskerville and Tyler Glendhill, spoken word by Jill Battson and film by Nico Stagias. Hoskins was recently nominated as co-recipient for the K.M. Hunter Award in dance.According to the press release, the work is set in an art gallery and “explores memory through the reflection of time, looking at how memory is a constantly changing perspective through highlighted moments between lovers.” In this video Tina Rasmussen, artistic director of Harbourfront Centre’s World Stage, offers her perspective on selecting Paris 1994/Gallery as part of this year’s programming.For more on D.A. Hoskins, be sure to check out the February 2008 issue of The Dance Current print magazine.
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