Dancefilm by Toronto dancer and choreographer Shawn Bracke


Toronto dancer and choreographer Shawn Bracke just released deliverance, a dancefilm inspired by the smoke and mirrors that personas on social media have become. 

“I find it fascinating – the switch our world has had,” says Bracke. “A lot of people in my world create this online persona that can be totally different than their reality.”

Bracke works in the commercial dance world and is a frequent teacher at Toronto dance studios The Underground Dance Centre, Metro Movement and City Dance Corps.

“With deliverance I wanted to create something that could translate to the general public in a very simple way.” Bracke uses the juxtaposition of scenery and ensemble of dancers as metaphors for the main character’s state.

Coming up for Bracke: he’ll be making a short independent film for the festival circuit, continuing to take on regular dance gigs as well as travelling to teach.

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