Decidedly Jazz Danceworks: Spontaneous Combustion

By Julye Huggins
Spontaneous Combustion - Guess Who's Back?

Coming up next month, Calgary will get a dose of Decidedly Jazz Danceworks with its show Spontaneous Combustion, running April 13th through 22nd, with a gala performance on the 18th. With works by choreographers Vicki Adams Willis, Kimberley Cooper, Joanne Baker and Sarisa de Toledo, dancers and live musicians promise to stir up the house in a celebration of blues, jazz, R&B and spoken word. The show features dancers Sarisa de Toledo, Marc Hall, Catherine Hayward, Dinou Marlett-Stuart, Ivan Nunez Segui, Shayne Johnson, Malika Srivastiva and Danielle Wensley.Be sure to check out the Summer 2007 issue of The Dance Current print magazine for an article on Decidedly Jazz Danceworks.
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