Decidedly Jazz

Turn Up the Get Down By Julye Huggins
Turn Up The Get Down with DJD

Stepping up April 5th through 14th, Decidedly Jazz Danceworks presents Turn Up the Get Down in Calgary, including a gala performance on April 10th. The first act of the show is a mixed program featuring work by resident choreographer Kimberley Cooper along with creations by Vancouver’s 605 Collective and Calgary’s own Tara Wilson. The second act is all Cooper, connecting the works with one continuous groove. The evening also features video installation by Noel Bégin and a jazz band led by Rubim de Toledo. The cast includes dancers Audrey Gaussiran, Marc Hall, Catherine Hayward, Shayne Johnson, Natasha Korney, Dinou Marlett-Stuart, Kaleb Tekeste and Danielle Wensley.Be sure to check out the Summer 2007 issue of The Dance Current print magazine for an article on Decidedly Jazz Danceworks.
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