Deborah Hay: Up Until Now

By Julye Huggins
An Interview with Deborah Hay - Up Until Now

Running October 20th through 23rd, Toronto Dance Theatre presents Deborah Hay’s Up Until Now. This video offers insights from the American choreographer who hopes to inspire the audience to contemplate who they are in the present and to appreciate the passage of moments. This insider view behind the process gives us a sense of how the dancers are using their vision in an open and fluid way as a means of investing in their presence.The cast of dancers include Mairi Greig, Syreeta Hector, David Houle, Yuichiro Inoue, Pulga Muchochoma, Simon Renaud, Kaitlin Standeven, Brodie Stevenson, Naishi Wang, Sarah Wasik and Linnea Wong.For more on Toronto Dance Theatre, be sure to check out the Summer 2009 edition of The Dance Current print magazine.
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