The Date

Dennis Nylund aka Bboy Ata (Ghost Crew) performs a solo to Frank Sinatra’s “I’ve Got You Under My Skin (Remastered)” on Finnish television
Dennis Ätä Nylund


It’s hard to not be dazzled by breaker Dennis Nylund. Also known as Bboy Ata (Ghost Crew), the successful Finnish street dancer got his start competing in international dance battles and now teaches, performs and appears as a guest judge for the very battles that began his career. Performing the solo The Date on Finnish television, Nylund not only inspires awe with his fluid falls, stalls and balances but also confronts the issue of homophobia. Beginning with Nylund getting ready for a date to Frank Sinatra’s familiar crooning, the camera follows the top bboy to a television show stage where he awaits his partner. Nylund moves with confident grace and agility to the classy tune, flipping and spinning and at times leaving you wondering where his head is and how he is even landing on his feet. The date arrives and the two men lock lips in front of their screaming fans. Reverberating with the breaking community and beyond, Nylund’s sophisticated protest is part of a larger movement. Read more about it in The Dance Current’s March/April 2015 feature.

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