Dare to Dance: A TDSB Initiative

By Julye Huggins
TDSB's Dare to Dance Launched!

The September 2010 issue of The Dance Current print magazine includes a feature on recent changes to Ontario’s arts curriculum, “Dancing in School: Ontario’s New Elementary Dance Curriculum.”“Dance eduction in the public schools is vital because it allows for creative exploration of the kinesthetic kind. Students learn – and remember – so much more when both their minds and bodies are working to solve a problem.” By Kate Cornell, The Dance Current: Print, September 2010. This fall, in addition to implementing changes to dance education in its elementary schools, the Toronto District School Board (TDSB) is launching Dare to Dance, a So You Think You Can Dance inspired event for high school students across the city. This initiative will take place in three phases: a school-based challenge (held by individual schools to select their competing team), the semi-finals and a final challenge in front of a panel of judges including Luther Brown of So You Think You Can Dance Canada and Allen Kaeja of Kaeja d’Dance. Additional perks include a master class lead by Allen Kaeja for student choreographers, and finalists will work with Luther Brown and other professionals to fine-tune their work. TDSB encourages a wide variety of styles and genre fusions, but insists that each work incorporate a social justice theme and involve a teacher-mentor, who will provide ongoing support throughout the process.
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