Dancetheatre David Earle: Odyssey

By Julye Huggins
Dancetheatre David Earle

This recently released video features clips from Dancetheatre David Earle’s modern dance program Odyssey, which also included Serious Games and the company’s signature piece Miserere. The dancers include Suzette Sherman, Danielle Baskerville, Michael English, Evadne Kelly, Graham McKelvie, Michael Sean Marye, Janet Johnson, Kelly Stedman, Georgia Simms, Duncan Parviainen, Anh Nguyen and Nicole Rose Bond.The choreography of Odyssey, the most recent creation, was first workshopped at the Open Ears Festival in Kitchener before its world premiere in Banff in November 2009. This video footage is from the dress rehearsal for the April 2010 performance in Guelph. This is the story according to the company’s website: “Homer’s The Odyssey is a tale of separation and reunion. Odysseus, on his voyage homeward after the Trojan war, encounters many dangers but is protected by Athena, the goddess of wisdom. He has been away for 20 years, and no one knows if he is among the dead, or living still. His wife Penelope is beset by suitors and agrees to marry when her weaving is done - but every night she undoes what has been done that day. Athena sends Telemachus, their son, in search of his father. Odysseus returns, is reunited with Penelope and, with Telemachus, takes his revenge.”

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