Dancemakers: Project 3/2/1

By Julye Huggins
Project 3/2/1 - In Rehearsal - Antonija Livingstone

According to its website, Dancemakers wants to know: “What happens when you make a dance that has a new cast every night?” Toronto audiences will find out at the company’s newest event, Project 3/2/1 running April 6th through 17th at Dancemakers Centre for Creation (with a preview on the 5th). In this evening of shared work, the company presents three world premieres: a trio by Antonija Livingstone, a duet by Martin Bélanger and a solo by Ame Henderson. Within a six-show run that alternates casting, each company dancer will dance in every role: the solo once, the duet twice (once in each role) and the trio three times (once in each role). Check out this video of the dancers rehearsing Livingstone’s trio, and be sure to check out the video below to view rehearsals of Bélanger’s and Henderson’s works.

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