Dancemakers: Double Bill #2 Preview

By Julye Huggins
Double Bill 2 - Preview

Tonight through October 2nd Dancemakers presents Double Bill #2 at Harbourfront Centre’s Enwave Theatre in Toronto. This video offers a preview of the two works being performed: Michael Trent’s Show and k.g. Guttman’s So You Think the Spectacle Does Not Love You.Double Bill #2 is the second installment of a Double Bill Trilogy designed by Artistic Director Michael Trent to create collaborative and cross-disciplinary performances. Though each work is separate, they share specific questions, directions, influences and even rehearsal time in order to create a collaborative conversation between them. According to the company’s website these pieces investigate dance through themes of calibration, spectacle and exposure, asking questions such as: “When meeting another person, a work of art or a prime-time TV dance competition - what do you love? What do you hate? What do you show? What do you hide? Can you calibrate your reactions, moving between judgement and pleasure? Between hiding and showing? How many steps are there in between?”
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