Dance Video Collection Project

Dance, film and narrative unite
DVC 2016 | The Gooniez "French Revolution Zombies"


Marc Generoso is dance teacher who is transitioning into filmmaking. During his last two years at Capilano University’s Motion Picture Arts Program, Generoso began this series of hip hop concept films with youth. “The goal of Dance Video Collection (DVC) Project is to elevate the awareness and value of hip hop and dance to the general populace. By featuring and targeting kids, the hope is for an appeal to start with the younger generation and open up unfathomed opportunities via dance and film, beyond the competition and recital settings,” says Generoso.

All ten films – three are available to date – were produced, directed, choreographed and written by Generoso. The dancers featured are students from Vibrant Dance Studio in Nanaimo and Urban Dance Connection in Campbell River. Generoso says over one hundred dance families were involved.

Stay tuned for the release of the rest of the series, and enjoy!


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