Dance Till You Die

By Julye Huggins
DANCE TILL YOU DIE 7 - FINAL Brochu Vs Fashion Fab PART 1

This Saturday at Club Decibel in Montreal is one of America’s top Techtonik battles, Dance Till You Die 8. Last year’s event climaxed in a head-to-head between Brochu (Psyko) of the NightMare Crew and Fashion Fab of the Genetik Crew.Here’s a little background. Wikipedia states that Tecktonik (TCK) “is a French style of street dance danced to electro music based on a blend of techno, rave and hip-hop styles – (late 80s vogue, 90s waving and old school breakdancing, and 70s disco).” It began to take shape in the southern suburbs of Paris earlier in the decade and is said to have been brought to Canada by Alexander Sekz, an electronic musician from Toronto. With a little social networking and Web 2.0, the style took off growing in popularity in places like Toronto, Montreal and Guelph.Where in Guelph they refer to it as Milky Way, in Montreal, they prefer to call it Electro danse. Montreal’s scene makes for heated battle grounds with rivalries between competitive crews. They’ve even gone so far as territory divisions in Montreal’s nightclubs: Club Twelve 34 is home to Electro DC and their affiliates, while Club 737 and House Nightclub are stomping grounds of Jetset United and Genetik.

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