The Dance Spot

The Dance Spot 1


Will people dance if you give them a spot?

Edmonton-based artist Tim Folkmann discovered that yes they will, and with joy. “The Dance Spot appeared quite honestly out of thin air,” says Folkmann on Mile Zero Dance’s website, who produced the project. “Gerry Morita and I were sitting looking out the window in the Mile Zero studio space situated on a busy walking street in Edmonton … We began discussing how to invite the public in. How to invite people who would never set a step into a dance space.”

The answer became The Dance Spot, a two-month-long, 24/7 interactive video installation. Passersby would push a button to begin recording their dance, accompanied by a short dance tune. “As I began to review the video footage,” says Folkmann, “it became obvious by the number of dancers that people wanted to dance. To dance out of curiosity, joy or trepidation, night or day, young or old, rich or poor, alone or with others.” 

The cameras and recording apparatuses were fully visible with the dancers’ images appearing on a big TV screen in the building. The performers watching themselves as well as aware of being watched. “The Dance Spot for a brief moment broke up the everyday of the street and made it new.”

Learn more >> milezerodance.com

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