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Fit2Dance By Julye Huggins

Located in Toronto, Fit2Dance is a Canadian dance education company that is dedicated to education with a focus on creativity, confidence, fun and community. Michelle Hiller is a former teacher, the president of Fit2Dance and the creative director of GROOVEmethod KIDS. Hiller describes the process of working with the students as beginning with a simple movement and then encouraging the students to “put their own spin on it” initiated through their leader’s fun and creative cues. The Canadian Press quotes Fit2Dance and Hiller’s program successful in “teaching kids life skills through risk taking, creativity, character building and communication.” Sessions with the students take place outside of the typical dance studio space and physical education settings to provide the opportunity for the information and skills learned by the students to be easily applicable to the rest of their lives.This video highlighting Fit2Dance at Grenoble Public School in North York is a visual of how a group of students are, as Hiller descibes, “united by the same movement but all look different.” Fit2Dance is also the only Canadian company invited to Michelle Obama’s Lets Move Conference in Boston.
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