Dance on Broadway: Nintendo Wii

By Julye Huggins
Dance on Broadway Wii Trailer (From the makers of Just Dance)

Another new dance game is on the shelves by Ubisoft, the makers of Just Dance. Designed for the Nintendo Wii, Dance on Broadway continues the success of its predecessor by offering original choreography to twenty available songs from hit musicals like Hairspray, Chicago, Fame, Hair, The Sound of Music and Little Shop of Horrors.American choreographer Chase Brock collaborated on the project, and found that simplified coordination with an emphasis on hand gestures was best suited for both beginner players and the system’s technology. While leg movements were relegated to step-touch, box-step and tiny kick lines, tap numbers have also been included to spice things up.The up-to-four-person gameplay uses wireless Wii remotes (one device per player, held in the right hand) and has players following on-screen avatars, which may differ choreographically. While the group choreography brings new interest for multiple players, issues with the lack of precision in motion tracking have seen little improvement since Just Dance.

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