This is Dance: Brittany Duggan

By Julye Huggins

Toronto’s presence on stage and on the web keeps on rolling this week as we look ahead now to the This is Dance series running January 21st and 22nd. The artists collective The Creative Republic (founded by Jasmine Graham and Krista Posyniak) handpicked six Toronto-based choreographers and gave them the task of each creating an original work over a three month period. The artists were provided with four random objects from which to derive their inspiration. Featured in this series are Being Human Dance Theatre, Michael Caldwell, Tanya Crowder, Jasmyn Fyffe, Christy Stoeten and Brittany Duggan.About a month ago, Duggan began posting clips of her work-in-progress, though it is still a mystery as to what objects she was given and their influence on the dance. Curious about her process? Be sure to stay after the show for a discussion with the artists.
Learn more:Brittany Duggan’s VideosThe Creative Republic

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