Damaged Goods: Do Animals Cry

By Julye Huggins
Meg Stuart - Do Animals Cry Trailer

Tonight through to February 27th, Usine C presents the Brussels-based company, Damaged Goods, in their work Do Animals Cry. The tour then heads to Toronto from March 3rd through 6th and then to Calgary from March 10th through 13th.American choreographer Meg Stuart sourly deconstructs the family in “a frantic reunion where loved ones reminisce for the last time before falling to pieces.” Her notes on the piece go on to state: “Decent families know how to communicate without anybody noticing. In the games they play, everybody defends his right on regression, on sleepwalking blindness and hidden frailty. In a room filled with memories, new candidates make their way in every day exchanging dreams and disappointments. No need for a fixed role, without being asked, they slide in and out family portraits.”

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