Daksha Sheth Dance Company: The Way of the Serpent

By Julye Huggins
DSDC Promo Video

Tonight and tomorrow in Toronto, Kala Nidhi Fine Arts of Canada is presenting the Daksha Sheth Dance Company in their Canadian premiere of Sarpagati – The Way of the Serpent. Drawing on the symbolism and significance of the snake in Indian culture, Sarpagati breathes life into mythology by combining elements of chhau dance, martial arts, yoga and aerial dance. Notably, the company’s lead dancer, Isha Sharvani, is a leading aerial dancer in India today.According to their website, meaning in the work is further explained: “In tantric symbolism, the snake represents the primal creative energy or Kundalini which lies dormant in the base of the spine, which, when aroused, ascends and activates the chakras of the subtle body. ‘The Way of the Serpent’, specifically refers to the manifestation of this energy within the context of the lower three chakras, symbolized as the elements of Earth, Water and Fire. These in turn relate to three fundamental drives which form the basis of survival; the drive to accumulate, to procreate, and to dominate.”

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