Dahab: Belly Dancer

By Julye Huggins
Hezz Rhythmatiq w/ Dahab (Canada)

Recently on YouTube, Dahab (aka Andrea Skowronski) posted a demo video featuring her skills as a “second generation” belly dancer. Born and raised in Colombia, Dahab now lives in Thunder Bay where she opened World Dance Centre in the summer of 2011. The school offers instruction in a variety of styles from different cultures, such as belly dance, Thai dance, Argentine tango, Persian dance, hip hop, bollywood, bhangra, Panamanian salsa and the Latin-inspired fitness program Zumba. For some more unconventional options, they also include hula hoop, poi, burlesque and pre-natal yoga. Check out the video below to see her in a promo video for the school, released earlier this year.Dahab’s training and career has included time in the United States (Las Vegas), Egypt and Canada, attending workshops, conferences and events for belly dancing. She has since expanded her skills to many folkloric dances from the Middle East and the Romani culture, as well as bhangra and bollywood.

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