Cube Entertainment Audition: Cindy Zhang

By Julye Huggins
Bell and Koreaboo: Cube Audition 2011 - 4minute MUZIK Dance Cover [pt.1]

We are currently in the heat of the YouTube preliminary round of Cube Entertainment’s auditions as they search for their next K-pop stars. This South Korean record label is running the first round December 27th through January 27th, and contestants depend on your video views, votes and shares on Facebook and Twitter. Fifteen finalists will then be judged by Cube Entertainment’s producers and Koreaboo (a K-pop news portal). The finals will be held in Vancouver on February 27th where the grand prize is formal review with Cube Entertainment for a chance to become a trainee.Hoping to live out that dream, Cindy Zhang of Vancouver braved the cold to create this video with the help of 969media. While both solo and group auditions are possible, Cindy is actually performing all the parts! Stay tuned to her YouTube channel to see her next video in sneakers.
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