Creature at In Situ Festival



Mississauga-based artist Colleen Snell is known for her highly theatrical and site-specific dance work, and her newest creation, Creature, will be no exception.

“This is one of the most audacious and exciting works I’ve ever choreographed and collaboratively devised with Frog in Hand,” Snell tells The Dance Current. ”It’s fun, with a few dark thrills.”

Creature runs during In Situ, a community-organized festival featuring music, visual art, installations and theatre. It promises to be a unique experience as the audience is led through a heritage gun factory, the Small Arms Building, to experience the narrative dance. 

The location has been both an inspiration and an obstacle. Snell says the old munitions inspection site has a rich past and many stories of its own, influencing the dance, but that audience experience and safety has been a concern. “We will perform in multiple rooms, so there needs to be a flow, a logic and an organization to the audience’s pathway through the story. We need to be adaptable and aware that this could change every night – while keeping everyone safe and the action urgent.”

The fifty-minute dance-theatre show features eleven performers, including Snell, as well costumes by Snell’s sister, Noelle Hamlyn, set by Joe Pagan and rigging coordinated by Simon Fon. The video gives a glimpse of just what Snell and team have crafted, and outside of the dance work itself, the festival aims to be three nights of delights in a unique setting, food and drink included. 

Creature runs October 27-29. Learn more >> smallarmsbuilding.ca

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