Copycat Performers & The Art of Creativity

Copycat Performers Exposed

Stephan Choiniere and Sara Joel were the innovators of the Body2Body act and style featured in Cirque du Soleil’s Las Vegas show, Zumanity. Recently, two acrobatic-dance performers, James and Lynn, were accused of copying significant amounts of Body2Body’s act, nearly ten years after the original. Stephan recently elaborated in an interview his response to the discovery, what he’s learned about himself and what he wishes for other artists. To read the full interview, visit Stephen’s blog. 

Curious about copyright in dance? Check out the following articles from The Dance Current archives: Who Owns a Dance: Copyright 101 by Slade Lander (September 2006) as well as Can you copyright a dance? An Interim Report by Chris Dupuis (January/February 2012).  

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