Copper Maker Dancers: Culture Bearers of the Kwakiutl Indians

By Julye Huggins
Kwakiutli indiaanlased

This video highlights an important indigenous group of North America, the Kwakiutl Indians. Their heritage of ancestral songs and sacred dance, as well as the Kwakwala language are carried and shared by the Copper Maker Dancers from the northern area of Vancouver Island.According to the group’s website, their dances (with accompanying songs, masks and regalia) are valued inherited family privileges and a cultural responsibility, about which the elders teach: “It is a strict law that bids us to dance.” The dances are normally performed at gift-giving potlatch festivals, and often represent scenes from the Kwakiutl legends. The website further notes: “In some cases, the dance dramatizes the adventure stories of the ancestor, while in others the dance recreates a dance given to the ancestor by a mythical being or by a dream being with whom the ancestor came in contact.”
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