Contact Dance International Film Festival 2015

By Kayla Hoolwerf


Passage (2009) opens with a pan of Karen Kaeja running through a forest into the arms of Darryl Tracy. He effortlessly lifts her into the air, the first point of contact between them in a piece journeying the realms of passion and desire.

Choreographed by Allen Kaeja, Passage is one of over twenty dance films by Kaeja d’Dance since 1997. Led by Karen and Allen, Kaeja d’Dance seeks to investigate how dance elevates and unites the human spirit against physical, social and environmental obstacles. The husband and wife duo are highly sought after as teachers of contact dance, where starting points of physical contact provide a greater exploration for movement improvisation.

Originally created in a workshop at the CanAsian Dance Festival in 2009, Passage will be screened at this year’s Contact Dance International Film Festival, along with two other films by Kaeja d’Dance – Sweet Exit and Of the Heart. The festival runs May 13, 14 and 15 in Toronto and is produced by REAson d’etre dance productions. The festival features three screenings of twenty-five independent films featuring contact dance improvisation, as well as dance workshops, jams and parties.

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