Company Blonde: Ruby Venus

By Julye Huggins
the blondes nuit blanche 2010

Toronto was hopping Saturday night as artists burst upon the city in a night of Nuit Blanche revelry. Several dance events were featured in the all-night programming, including works by Mammalian Diving Reflex, Company Blonde, Peggy Baker Dance Projects, Susie Burpee, Kianga Ford, Davide Balula, Cityscape, Dance Ontario (Crazyfish Collective, Jesse Dell, Jade’s Hip-Hop Performing Dance Company, Hanna Kiel, Typecast Dance Co, Eroca Nichols, AX-S Dance, Hercini Arts, Gadfly, Jay 9 Dance) and others. Hundreds of performers brought the night to life both indoors and outdoors, including the dancing cranes directed by Brandon Vickerd.One particular baseball diamond shone brightly as approximately twenty-five dolled-up aliens from Company Blonde explored a foreign land. Identically clad in red velvet hoop dresses and curly blonde wigs, the ladies of Ruby Venus synchronized to a symphony of heavy metal violins and then meandered about in childlike wonder. This quirky installation of dance and improvised physical theatre riffed off the changing crowds and found special moments like this one: the discovery of an unidentified shiny object (a crushed beer can).
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