Company Blonde: Malaria Lullaby

By Julye Huggins
Malaria Lullaby Dance Clip

Now into the second week of its run at Summerworks Festival in Toronto, Malaria Lullaby is taking off and runs August 4th through 14th. This short rehearsal clip features Michelle DeBrouwer, Holly Treddenick and Julye Huggins as a Greek chorus of mosquitoes, seen here as mock-flight-attendants (and being a wee bit silly). The cast also includes Allison Bradbury as the ill-fated tourist, as well as Lara Ebata and Natalie Fullerton in the mosquito squadron.Choreographed by Company Blonde’s Monica Dottor and co-directed by Steven McCarthy, this multimedia aerial dance play is based on a short story written by Charlotte Corbeil-Coleman. The retelling of the Canadian author’s harrowing experience of catching malaria on a trip to Africa is portrayed through the lens of a feverish nightmare, “wilder and worse and more beautiful than you can imagine.”
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