Compagnie Rêvolution (Anthony Égéa): Urban Ballet

By Julye Huggins
Urban ballet

Also performing at CINARS next week is France’s Compagnie Rêvolution, which will present excerpts from Urban Ballet (2008).Choreographed by Artistic Director Anthony Égéa, Urban Ballet infuses hip hop with a classical twist by using a traditional four-act structure and classical compositions by Vivaldi, Bolero, Xenakis and Franck II Louise to explores four ideas of the body. Dressed nearly nude, ten dancers present traditional hip hop moves in a classical context, often slowing them down to reveal grace and strength behind them. According to the company’s website, Égéa’s “inspiration patterns revolve around nudity, sensuality, freedom and revealement, and acquire meaning and self-evidence through deep running questioning of the balance between strength and beauty, line and muscle.” Égéa began studying hip hop in 1984 and has also studied classical and contemporary forms at L’Ecole de Rosella Hightower in Cannes and the Alvin Ailey Company in New York.
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