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Compagnie Pál Frenák

By Julye Huggins

Speaking of touring companies, Waterloo is about to get a taste of Compagnie Pál Frenák tomorrow and Saturday. Based both in Budapest and Paris, this internationally renowned company presents the contemporary theatrical vision of their Hungarian choreographer Pál Frenák, who was raised by deaf and mute parents. His work Fiúk (meaning Boys) draws the focus on the masculine body, while poking around in the head-space of men and boys. The vision of the work also points to growth beyond that element of identity.”By calling up the alternately male chauvinist violence, stupid pretentiousness, the balance of power that structure our exchanges with others, both men and women, Pál Frenák offer us a radial vision, somehow desperate, of human relationships. […] Once the physical and sexual themes have been ingested and then, digested, once the lesson of self knowledge has been learnt, then the men can move forward, creat their own movement vocabulary and move with more freedom.”

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