Combat: The Art of War

By Julye Huggins

Also featured at the Summerworks Festival in Toronto (August 4th through 14th) is Combat, directed and choreographed by Claire Calnan and Allison Cummings. Seen here are other members of the cast (including Lisa Codrington, Luke Garwood, Virgilia Griffith, Kristy Kennedy and Dylan Smith) in their rehearsal routine which opens with a “plank off”. Rumour has it that Smith has this challenge down, setting the bar at four minutes.The premise of the show is the perspective of a woman re-entering society after having returned home from a conflict zone overseas. Her new office environment begins to morph into a battleground, where the social dynamics of incidental conflicts and bids for power in daily life are amplified.”We believe in a universal love. We will hunt down all our enemies. We search. We destroy. We believe in the Art of War. We believe in peace on earth. We will punch you in the face.”
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