By Julye Huggins

This past Sunday was an annual Dance for the Camera fundraising event for Co.ERASGA in Vancouver. This year they featured four solo dance works on film by choreographer Alvin Erasga Tolentino and a live performance by Alison Denham. The films included Amongst, SOLA, Swan Diva and PARADIS/Paradise.In early December the company heads to Germany with its newest creation EXpose, which had its world premiere April 14th through 16th in Vancouver. Tolentino collaborates with Uruguayan Martin Inthamoussú to create a full-length duet featuring these two provocative solo artists. The work explores intimate identity issues as it enters the the gay psyche, culture and experience. The work is described on the company’s website: “EXpose is a personal, intimate duet journeying personal paths, sharing voices and peeling the layers of past and present, exposing the complexity, vulnerability, acceptance and inspiration of being gay. ‘Today gay people suffer dissonant confrontations at home, in schools and society in general that have triggered violence, hate, and death’, states Tolentino, ‘EXpose is our attempt to question, express and celebrate the experience of gay life - to make ourselves visible and to confront fear using dance’ ”. Be sure to check out the May 2005 issue of The Dance Current print magazine for an article on Alvin Tolentino.
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