Cirque Éloize: iD

By Julye Huggins
Cirque Éloize iD

Montréal is taking its place as the world’s premiere circus destination. Montréal Complètement Cirque is the city’s first circus festival, featuring homegrown talent and creating space to stage the world’s finest. July is on fire with shows, including iD by Cirque Éloize. Directed by Jeannot Painchaud, this multimedia show blends ten circus disciplines with urban dance styles such as b-boying/b-girling, breaking and hip hop. Backed by an impressive creative team that has transformed the environment, the performers include Mason Ames, Valérie Benoit-Charbonneau, Stacey Carlson, Leilani Franco, Christian Garmatter, Elon Höglund, Olivier Lemieux, Emmanuelle LePhan, Josianne Levasseur, Hugo Ouellet-Côté, Thibaut Philippe, Fletcher Sanchez, Kone Thong Vongpraseuth and Florian Zumkehr.In the words of Painchaud from the press kit: “In the middle of this surreal megalopolis exists a public place. A public place, as a spot where one can seek refuge and escape anonymity, to express one’s individuality and affirm one’s identity, in order to reclaim possession of public space, and to dance the city…”

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