Cirkus Cirkör: Inside Out

By Julye Huggins
Inside Out - Cirkus Cirkör feat. Irya's Playground

Another hot company in the multidisciplinary arts showcase of CINARS next week is Sweden’s Cirkus Cirkör, featuring music by Irya’s Playground. Their circus drama, Inside Out, is packed with daring feats that push the limits and call attention to technical skills, magical theatricality and the wondrous potential of life. Stepping back into the roaring 1920s, we find hope and beauty in the decaying glamour of the big top with a show that blends live music, dance, theatre, comedy and a variety of circus apparatuses. Get swept away with energy, wit and charisma with performers Anna Lagerkvist, Andreas Falk, Wesley Peden, Kimmo Hietanen, Mirja Jauhiainen, Sanna Kopra, Angela Wand and Fefe Deijfen. The artistic collaborators are stacked high, among them director Tilde Björfors, dramaturg Mia Winge and choreographer Dag Andersson.
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