Christmas Cinema Classics

According to The Dance Current Editor Kate Morris
Charlie Brown Christmas Dance


At Christmastime this CD plays pretty much non-stop in my house … a family of pianists. I also love the show – it includes criticism of consumer culture and still manages to make something of the meaning of the holiday. During undergrad at McGill, my roommate and I would impersonate the dance done by the twins, 3 and 4. It was a (albeit weird) way to alleviate stress due to finals and papers in the lead up to Christmas holiday. 

Another holiday classic! Whenever I see this part, I think of my grandparents at a school dance before the war. I love the jitterbug! 

Being popular and being a serious art are often at odds within the arts. I’ve heard people suggest that So You Think You Can Dance doesn’t deserve the popularity (the implication being that it isn’t serious art) and in the very next breath complain about low audience attendance, making no attempt at connecting these two thoughts. Authenticity does not necessitate obscurity and popularity does not make something trite – it’s time to let the dichotomy go.  What I love about this clip from White Christmas is that it is self-aware, while also being funny. I wonder if it register changes in audience taste of the time? Was dance increasingly seen on TV and cinema whereas “choreography” was happening in the theatre? You’d have to ask a social historian about that. I just love how different forms of dance (and the expectations they each create) are brought together in the performance. 

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