Censorship in Montréal: Les Ballets Africains

By Julye Huggins
Les Ballets Africains 1968 RARE VIDEO - Famoudou Konate

The March 2010 issue of The Dance Current print magazine includes an article on censorship in Montréal during the 1960’s touring of Les Ballets Africains.”Montréal in 1959 was still coping with the social hangover of having lived for decades under the patriarchal government of Maurice Duplessis. When Montréal’s police censor discovered that the female dancers were to perform bare-breasted, he cited the Criminal Code, ‘Si ça bouge, c’est obscène’ (When it wiggles, it’s obscene).” By Amy Bowring, The Dance Current: Print.This rare video of Les Ballets Africains shows one of their North American performances from 1968. Not surprisingly, the women are seen here fully clad. Also featured is their lead, Lead Djembe Soloist Famoudou Konaté, a Malinké master drummer from Guinea.

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