Canadian Hip Hop Championships and Battles: 2012 Qualifiers

By Julye Huggins
2012 Canadian Hip Hop Dance Championships & Battles Promo Video

The 2012 Canadian Hip Hop Championships and Battles are gearing up, and registration is on and calling all hip hop dance crews, poppers, lockers, b boys, b girls and freestylers. The Western Region Qualifiers take place in Vancouver April 14th, and the Eastern Region Qualifiers will be in Montréal April 29th. The crews will be gunning to represent Canada at the World Hip Hop Championships in Las Vegas, where they will compete against some of the world’s best crews.The competition has expanded to include the Canadian Hip Hop Championships (groups of five to eight members), the Canadian Mega Crews Championships (groups of fifteen to forty members) and the Canadian Battles (including 1-on-1 and 3-on-3 events). Here is the breakdown of competition categories:Canadian Hip Hop Championships- Junior Division: age 7-12 - Varsity Division: age 12-17- Adult Division: age 18+ Mega Crew Championships- Advanced Mega Crew Division: age 16+ - Amateur Mega Crew Division: age 12+ Canadian Battles- Popping Battle: age 14+ - Locking Battle: age 14+ - All Styles Battle: age 14+ - 3 on 3 B boy/B girl Battle: age 14+
Learn more:Western Region Qualifiers (hosted by Funk ‘N Sole Entertainment)Canadian Hip Hop Championships

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