Canadian Dance Assembly: The Ripple Effect

By Julye Huggins
Canadian Dance Assembly: The Ripple Effect

The Canadian Dance Assembly (CDA) recently released its video The Ripple Effect, highlighting the impact of dance and the arts on both its milieu as well as the surrounding economy. The concept and script was developed by the organization’s executive director Nathalie Fave, with voice-over by Hala Zabaneh and animation by Shelton Deverell. The video was created in anticipation of CDA’s recent participation in the Arts Caucus Meeting: “Conversation with Dancers and MPs” on Parliament Hill.The message champions that, unlike the diminishing marginal utility of many products, consumption of the arts stimulate a hunger for more. Noting the hive of activity that is stirred in the creation and consumption of dance activities, the concept of positive externality highlights a multiplier effect that impacts many sectors of the economy, as well as other valued intangibles of our society.
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