Canada's Royal Winnipeg Ballet: A Year in Wonderland

By Julye Huggins
A Year In Wonderland | Episode 5 - Part 2

Yesterday, this new video in the series “A Year in Wonderland” was posted by Canada’s Royal Winnipeg Ballet, documenting its ongoing production process of Shawn Hounsell’s Wonderland. The world premiere of its newest ballet hits Winnipeg March 9th and runs through the 13th.According to the company’s website, “the surreal and dark elements that lurk at the original story’s fringes are bravely realized in explosive passages of breathtaking dance and innovative multimedia.” This re-interpretation of Alice in Wonderland promises a multi-sensory experience, contemporary athleticism and a generous dose of wit and camp.Be sure to check out the February 2006 issue of The Dance Current print magazine for an item on Canada’s Royal Winnipeg Ballet.
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