Canada Day: The Call Out

By Julye Huggins
F.A.M. M.E.C. R.B.P. @ Harbour Front 2008 T.Dot!!!!

Today is that last day of the Canada Day long weekend, and Harbourfront Centre in Toronto is wrapping up a four-day breaking event. The Call Out (June 29th through July 2nd) sets out to draw in b-boy and b-girl crews from around the world to challenge the best of local talent. To date, several Toronto crews have left their mark on the international scene at major battles, and this event calls the world out to their turf. The event is hosted by Benzo from Bag of Trix.This video features b-boys from Floor Assassinz Militia, Maximum Efficiency Crew and Rude Bwoi Posse hitting the deck at a 2008 event at Harbourfront, including Nastic (aka Supreme), Switch B (aka Blade), Troublez (aka T-Crisp), Zen Boogie, Nonsense, Fil Fury and E Spin.
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