CADA-ON: A Guide to Negotiation Skills

By Julye Huggins
How to have those awkward conversations in a small community: CADA-ONs Guide to Negotiation Skills

This past summer, the Canadian Alliance of Dance Artists (Ontario Chapter) released a video entitled “How to have those awkward conversations in a small community”. The negotiation skills discussed here are inspired by CADA-ON’s Professional Standards for Dance, described on their website as a “best practices guide” that provides “suggested minimum standards regarding hours of work, fee standards and working conditions, and outlines rights and responsibilities in work agreements.” This document is now published in version 3 and available for download from their website. As a professional development training tool, the video highlights basic principles of interest-based negotiation. By encouraging a collaborative style of conflict resolution, we find that we may be able to address mutual interests (desires and fears). In small dance communities, it is important to consider a variety of conflict resolution styles and how we can best use our communication skills during those awkward conversations, such as contracting.
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