Bust A Move: International Street Dance Competition in Montréal

By Julye Huggins
B.A.M. - A Montreal Dance Revolution (Trailer)

Coming up May 4th and 5th, the ninth edition of the international street dance competition Bust A Move hits Montréal, including a day of SoulFull Real Workshops on May 6th taught by some of the competition judges. This year’s head judge is Natasha “Tash” Jean Bart (Las Vegas), and her panel of judges specialize in six different styles including locking and toprock by Flomaster (Los Angeles), popping by Hugo aka Mr. Smooth (Los Angeles), house by Sekou (New York City), waacking by Black Kat (Montréal) and hip hop by Link (New York City). There will also be guest performances by BuckSwans, Julia Kito Kirtley and Regiment Bartendaz Canada.
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