Brief Encounters: A Catalyst for Interdisciplinary Art

By Julye Huggins
Brief Encounters 15

Running August 21st through September 2nd in Vancouver, The Tomorrow Collective presents the 17th edition of Brief Encounters. This interdisciplinary art event brings together twelve artists in six unique parings, charged with the task of creating and presenting a new collaborative work in just two weeks. The current roster includes contemporary dance artist Josh Martin, contemporary dance artist Julia Carr, flamenco dancer Rosario Ancer, theatre artist Anita Rochon, singer/songwriter Dominique Fricot, film and video artist Jeff Carter, spoken word artist Prevail, puppet theatre artist Maggie Winston, visual artist Meghan Currie, fantasy stylist Myles Laphen, musician Paul Bray and landscape architect Pawel Gradowski.This video from Brief Encounters #15 (September 30th through October 2nd, 2010) also featured dance, including butoh dancer/choreographer Barbara Bourget and contemporary dance artist Alison Denham.
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