Bouge de là: The Studio

By Julye Huggins
L'atelier - extraits

Coming to Maison de la culture Gatineau on January 22nd, Bouge de là presents its new show by Hélène Langevin, The Studio. Performers Audrey Bergeron, Nicolas Labelle, Jean-François Légaré and Jessica Serli explore and play in an artist’s studio, getting their hands on props, tools, fabric, frames and accessories. The work is a treat for curious and whimsical imaginations, as paintings inspire embodied tableaux or are created by the moving bodies of the dancers. Indeed, the magic of the show introduces cameras to film and immediately process the motion, transform it by means of image capture software and project it back onstage as a dynamically created painting.According to the company’s website, the choreography and set design are inspired by artistic trends, themes and leading artists of the 20th century. With an interest in visual art, sculpture and painting, Langevin was “attracted to the work of Jean Dubuffet, Sonia Delaunay, Jackson Pollock and René Magritte, as well as Expressionism and Pop Art.”
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