Bouge de là: L'atelier

By Julye Huggins
Bouge de là - L'atelier @ Agora de la danse

Bouge de là, Hélène Langevin’s company “devoted entirely to young audiences”, is on tour again in Québec with its latest production L’atelier (The Studio). Described on the company’s website as “an artistic blind date”, the stage is the intersection for dance and the plastic arts in this work. Using a vast array of multi-media and props, including a blank canvas to play and roll upon, dancers Audrey Bergeron, Nicolas Labelle, Jean-François Légaré and Jessica Serli draw connections between the body and the raw materials of visual artists. In a teacher’s guide, available on the company’s website, Langevin comments that, “I hope it will stimulate children’s creativity and imagination and show them how to play with materials, how to use the body to transform materials. I want viewers to feel the pleasure of creation, such that the children, when they go home, will want to undertake creative experiments with whatever is at hand.”
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