Born to Serve: Legendary vs QCRock

By Julye Huggins
Born To Serve 2011 - Legendary VS QCRock

During last month’s Born to Serve international b-boy battle held in Montréal, the local b-girl crew Legendary met the Québécois b-boy crew QC Rock in the top eight 3-on-3 battle. After defeating the Deadly Venoms on October 22nd, Legendary’s Lynx, Cleopatra and Radio entered the finals on the October 23rd with what proved to be some of their best battles yet. Down to the top four, they were eventually were trumped by the American crew Universal Alchemists.Incidentally, Legendary teaches weekly Monday evening drop-in classes for both b-boys and b-girls in Montréal at Studio Diss Torsion. Class instructors rotate, so tonight and next Monday will feature coaching by Lynx. Check the Facebook event link below for more details.
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