blackandblue dance projects: The future memory heartbreak junction

By Julye Huggins
In rehearsal for 'The future memory heartbreak junction, Diptych'

The Dance Current November 2010 print magazine includes a feature on Sasha Ivanochko, artistic director of blackandblue dance projects: “Sasha Ivanochko: Resilience and Love”. “My work is about resilience and life force and love … The reason I make work like this is because I’m compelled to.” Sasha Ivanochko, The Dance Current: OnlineThis past weekend Ivanochko performed The Future Memory Heartbreak Junction Parts 1 and 2 with Brendan Wyatt at Toronto’s Enwave Theatre. The two-part work began as a solo performance in 2008 that combines physical theatricality and live song to produce a character study of sorts on a woman facing loneliness and heartbreak. This video features rehearsal footage from the second installation, a duet that brings a man into the story. As the dancers lead and follow each other, pushing away and embracing again, an interview with Ivanochko reveals insight on some of the pieces in this puzzle, and how a pair of shoes played a role in inspiring her character.
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